More than waterproofing... Easy like painting
About us
We follow the leading world trends in waterproofing more than 15 years.

We selected innovative and high-technology products and chose them into simplified and approachable but very effective and reliable technologies and complete waterproofing systems.

We achieved the optimum balance between quality and value.

We are offering:
  • High-technology materials with unique properties
  • Most effective and universal waterproofing methods
  • Good results for the most complicated details guaranteed
  • Working at all kind of conditions and places
  • Competitive and attractive prices
  • Easy technologies
  • Safety and easy application
  • Low cost of applications
  • Long operation life
  • Without compromise in decision and details
  • Safety and guarantees
  • Quick and reliable decisions
  • Professional technical support
  • Possibility to work during extreme conditions (low temperature, increased humidity)